I receive messages from students, new CDL holders and recent truck driving school graduates telling me that they now have their CDL Class A license, but nobody will hire them. Normally, it is because of some “little” thing in their past or on their “record” that is preventing them from being hireable. They simply did not know or understand that certain “little” things can stop an employer from bringing you on as an OTR driver.

Most all trucking companies go by the same set of rules when hiring a new driver. Many policies are set forth by local, state and federal law. Many other policies are those set by the company itself. Had any of these students or recent grads had known about these policies, they could have saved thousands of dollars they spent for the truck driving school, realizing that they would not be able to get hired in the first place.

If you are considering a career in trucking and have no driving experience and are planning to attend a truck driving school for training, first make sure there is nothing that will prevent you from being hired by an employer. Should there be something, you will have just wasted a large amount of money for a CDL that you may never be able to use.

There are four areas that you would want to verify to insure all is well: Minimum Qualifications, Safety Issues, Documents and Criminal History. Many truck driving schools will see a questionable item and tell you that you should be alright, but remember……..they want your $4000 payment, or whatever their training price may be!

Download and print out these Class A CDL Driver Qualifications and keep for a reference guide. If there is something that may prevent you from obtaining employment as a driver, you would want to get it resolved, if possible, BEFORE shelling out the $$$ for a truck driving school.

Aubrey Allen Smith is the author of the first and orginal Truth About Trucking. With 29 years in the transportation industry, Allen has helped many new, inexperienced drivers discover the truth about the trucking business. If you are considering a career in trucking, learn how to avoid the scams before you begin! Visit http://www.truthabouttrucking.com today, and learn the truth.

Article by
Aubrey Allen Smith