Truck Driver training programs teach students how to get their Commercial Driver License commonly referred to as a (CDL). This is specialized training on how to operate and drive a commercial motor vehicle on public roads and highways. Prospective drivers can choose to train at private truck driving schools, trucking company sponsored CDL programs or local colleges. However, it is up to the student to get as much as possible out of whichever training program they choose. An estimated 25% of students give up, drop out or flunk out of a training program.

You should enroll with the attitude that you want to be the best driver that you can possibly be. There is a lot of information students must learn in driver training programs. Students are taught in the classroom, on the driving range and on the roads and highways. It is important to learn as much you can so that you will be well prepared once you begin driving professionally. The Most Out Of Your Truck Driver Training, Once you begin your driving career you will have to deal with various situations. You must know how to safely maneuver your truck in various weather conditions, accidents, etc. Certain traits may help you to determine if you have the right attitude to be a CDL driver.

Motivation: You should enter into a truck driving training program with good self-motivation. You should attend classes only if it is your decision to become a truck driver. Don’t attend just because you are being pressured to do so by a spouse or friend. Truck driving is a totally different type of career from other jobs and you need to decide for yourself if you want to live your life as a truck driver.

Curiosity: If you are totally unfamiliar with the trucking industry you should ask plenty of questions not just about learning how to drive your chosen vehicle but also about the trucking industry as a whole. Ask questions about anything that you don’t understand. Oftentimes, students are timid about asking questions in a group situation because they think theirs is a dumb question. There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you don’t understand something it’s likely that others don’t understand either so don’t hesitate to ask. However, even if you are the only one who needs clarification on an issue you should still ask. It is imperative that you clearly understand all aspects of your training. Also, don’t forget that you must take and pass both a written and driving test to get your CDL.

Patience & perseverance: There are so many things to learn in truck driving training programs that oftentimes students get discouraged. Adopt the attitude that you are not going to give up. Don’t worry if you have parking or backing difficulties. Don’t worry if you have difficulty learning how to hook and unhook the trailer from the truck. Don’t worry if you get confused on log book instructions. Learning these skills takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and in time you will become proficient. Working with a patient instructor and your repetition of various tasks plus your knowledge of the numerous things required of truck drivers usually bring about great results.

Take your training seriously and learn as much as you possibly can. Strive to make the best use of your time both in the classroom and in actual driving situations. The information you learn in your training program will serve you well throughout your trucking career. Your actions on the highways will affect not only your life but the lives of other motorists as well.

Article by
Annalee Chambers

Annalee Chambers is a veteran in the commercial driving industry.