Many people are lured into trucking after seeing advertisements in various publications posting extremely high salaries for truck drivers. As a result of seeing these ads they decide that trucking is just what they’ve been looking for. This is especially true for those that are underpaid and unemployed. You’re Considering Becoming A Commercial Truck Driver, I suggest that you ignore those inflated salaries as they’re probably are not applicable for new drivers.

Many people jump at the opportunity to become commercial drivers without having sufficient knowledge of what the job entails. Trucking is referred to as a trucking lifestyle because no other occupation is comparable to that of a longhaul truck driver. It takes a special type of person that can live out of a truck spending countless hours driving each day.

Prior to spending the time, money and effort to become a commercial driver one should determine what the life of an over the road driver is really like. By far the best way to make this assessment is to ride with an actual truck driver for a couple of weeks. You’re Considering Becoming A Commercial Truck Driver, Life on the road is expensive so budget accordingly.

If you don’t know any truck drivers and live within reasonable distance of a truckstop you can talk to drivers there about their experiences. Ask them to share both the good and bad aspects of trucking with you. Truck drivers typically are very candid about sharing their experiences with interested parties. Talking with a few of them should give you a good idea of what the life of an over the road trucker is really like. Weekends are typically a great time for casual conversations with drivers, because many of them remain at truckstops for a large part of the weekend.

Many factors play a part in determining if trucking would be a good career choice for you. If you have a family you must consider the effect a trucking career will have on them. It is important that they support your career choice. Their love and support will increase the likelihood that you will be successful.

Ask yourself if you can handle the solitude and the long driving hours required. Drivers typically are on duty for 14 hours each day with 11 of those being actual driving hours. Oftentimes, the isolation from loved ones for long periods of time is too much for some drivers.

The life of a commercial truck driver leads to an increase in health problems. Many drivers are overweight or obese. Drivers suffer with high rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and other health problems. Drivers also have high levels of stress and depression. Truck drivers reportedly live shorter lives than other workers.

The life of a commercial truck driver is not easy which leads to a very high burnout rate. As you can see there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when contemplating a career as a commercial truck driver. Your personality and expectations will help you to decide if this is a good career choice for you. It’s a decision that is best made with sufficient knowledge and forethought.

Article by
Annalee Chambers

Annalee Chambers is a veteran in the commercial driving industry.