The next truck stop beckons as the miles roll past. Something to eat seems like a fairly safe form of entertainment. No one wants any other real excitement driving a 16 wheeler. A smooth uneventful drive is the best for everyone.

A walk around a parking lot is very nice after hours of driving and you can get something to eat.

But fast food, the kind you find on the road, may not be either healthy or nutritious. Your big risk may be what you find to eat in all those pit stops.

The average big burger and fries certainly has all the bad stuff and nothing that’s good for a human body. Except for a little protein there are VERY few nutrients in the classic fast food burger and fries. But there are lots of some bad things like white flour, saturated fat, salt and even some sugar. Most soft drinks are also very sweet.

A healthy eating plan has fresh foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, some dietary fiber to keep your innards clean, not too much fat and salt, a little high quality protein, and very little sugar. But you really need a kitchen to make that kind of food.

But a cooler with fresh raw fruits and vegetables, low fat meats like roasted chicken and cheeses, yogurt, whole grain breads, cookies, and even muffins and crackers and bottled water can be as close as your passenger seat. Many of these things are available in recipes that are low in fat, high in fiber and have very little sugar Truck Driver Health Issues,  Additionally you can make better choices at fresh food markets and farmers markets. And it does not have to be carrot and celery sticks. They’re Mostly Not From the Miles But the Pit Stops ,Eating a variety of fresh foods makes it more fun and more interesting. But remember, fruits and vegetables eaten raw have more nutrients intact than anything cooked. (Pay attention to safe food handling. Check out the Food Channel or Emeril for advice.)

All kinds of fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw and they taste great, too. Try everything from baby corn to tomatoes, lettuce and spinach, pears, plums, apples and berries, asparagus, broccoli and lots of others. It’s also a great way to start the kids on a better diet. They actually like raw broccoli WAY better than cooked.

Eating 4 or 5 healthy small snacks throughout the day can be better than 3 fast food meals that mostly consist of empty calories and lots of fat and salt. This can also help stabilize blood sugar. In fact many people who are on meds for diabetes need less medication if they can lose weight and eat better. Truck Driver Health Issues ,They’re Mostly Not From the Miles But the Pit Stops, There was an article in Reader’s Digest that said a good raw food diet sometimes cures diabetes. Your doctor is your best guide when it comes to medications. But doctors don’t know much about nutrition and, consequently they have the same health issues as the rest of us. Truck Driver Health Issues.

You can also take vitamin and mineral supplements. Most people need them, especially if they eat out a lot.

Most Americans, not just truck drivers, work all the time and eat out most of the time, too. And most of us have gained enough weight to prove we all eat out…all the time! But eating out is rarely an ideal option if you want to eat a healthy diet and not gain weight.

Many of us are overweight and suffering with health issues that are directly related to being overweight. People who are overweight have problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes in much greater numbers than people who maintain a normal weight. They also die younger. A 37 year old friend of mine is currently in the hospital with a stroke and very high blood pressure. Heart rehab is full of people who are too young for heart disease, but who have it anyway. It’s too sad.

Anyone can choose not to gain weight. It’s not that difficult to eat better quality food. It’s also possible to choose the parking space that’s a long way from a building and to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to fight both weight gain and depression.

Making healthy choices is not just about denying yourself something you want. You could discover you really like what you’re eating. Best of all it may mean a really better quality of life. Being healthy can save on truck driver health insurance also.

Living well matters and making healthy choices means you get more out of life and have more fun, too.

Article by
Paula & Ron Stone