Truck driver schools are vocational schools where students and prospective truck drivers go to learn how to drive a truck. Truck driver schools are designed so that upon graduation, students can pass the commercial driver’s license (CDL) test. After a student passes the commercial driver’s license test, they can begin to look for work for a carrier company and start their career in the lucrative, yet demanding world of truck driving.

How much does truck driver school cost? The average school will cost five to six thousand dollars. Many trucking companies will actually pay for students to enroll in classes and then deduct the cost of schooling from their paycheck after the student has graduated and is hired by the carrier. Students should accept these offers with caution because if they are terminated by a carrier that has paid for their education, they will owe any money that is still due on the tuition balance.

How long does truck driver school last? Trucking school can be as short as three to four weeks, but can last longer depending on how thoroughly a school covers the training materials and how many hours a student is required to attend per week. Prospective trainees should beware of “license mills” that may only cover what’s going to be on the CDL test and leave out important behind-the-wheel training. These classes may be cheaper and put students on the road sooner, but the lack of educational experience may hamper some students’ careers in the long run. Expect From Truck Driver School

What is covered in truck driver school? At a qualified truck diving school, you’ll learn all about the many facets of safety, maintenance and how to operate a semi truck both in the classroom and by driving the truck itself. Many trucking schools have their own driving course or a large parking lot so students can safely drive a semi and learn the rules of the road without putting anyone else in danger. Some schools also have wet skid paths where drivers can learn to control the truck if it were to go into a skid on a wet highway. The best schools are those that offer one-on-one behind-the-wheel training. Expect From Truck Driver School .The better the trainer-to-student ratio, the more time and better instruction they’ll receive.

In the classroom setting, students are taught the various laws and safety procedures that they must be familiar with before getting behind the wheel. Students will also be taught how to perform maintenance inspections and various pre-trip procedures on their training vehicle. In a good school, instructors will be sure to thoroughly cover everything that will be on the commercial driver’s license test. In many schools, before students are allowed to get behind the wheel, they’ll learn how to properly shift gears in the vehicle by training on truck simulators. A good school will also be sure to cover how to stay fit after spending hours and hours in a cab, how to log hours, get paid for bringing in a shipment, and the proper skills to manage life away from home and family.

Trucking school provides the training that is necessary to attain a CDL license and can be the beginning of a career on the road. Students should thoroughly research the schools they plan to attend before making a decision on which school to attend because the quality of education can vary from school to school. Students should also think about whether they would like to attend a school near where they live or attend one where they can reside in off-campus housing while enrolled in the program. Finally, prospective truck drivers should understand that truck driving is a lucrative career but is can be very demanding on their personal lives.

Article by
Jack Tatum